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Simplifying Career Decisions

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We conduct various sessions for students of different class groups.

The sessions are as follows:

  • Student Learning Style Profiling (Class 6-8)
  • Pre Adoloscent Management Programme (Classes 8 - 9)
  • Complete Adolescent Management Programme (Class 10)

Classes 6-8

People not only learn at different rates, but also in different ways. Some students want their teacher to write everything on the board. Others prefer to listen. Some like to sit in small groups and discuss a question; others like to listen to a lecture, translating it into pictures or in their notebook. Such individual learning preferences are known as learning styles.

Information about learning style of the students can help teachers and parents become more sensitive to the differences students bring to the classroom. They would be better able to adapt their teaching methods appropriately adding more meaning to their teaching and parenting. A student who knows his style becomes better learner; he achieves higher grades and has more positive attitude about his studies and greater self-confidence. It helps parents in developing strategies to make learning easy, save time and frustration and capitalize on the strengths of the student.

To see present day students to excel in the times to come, three issues are of utmost importance. 

  • Knowing their learning style
  • Inculcating right study habits
  • Identifying  their exact type of intelligence

 The modern psychological research indicates that the age to develop right study habits among students is 8 to 13 years. To assist students in achieving academic excellence, a Child Counselling Programme is proposed for the students of 6th, 7th and 8th classes. The highlights of the programme are:

  • Workshop for teachers on ‘Reinventing Teaching’
  • Workshop for parents on ‘Positive Parenting’
  • Psychometric tests of the students
  • Individual Counselling of the students with parents

Classes 9-10

Teenage is the period of storm and stress. Teenage students find themselves under tremendous pressure. They are expected to do well in their studies, behave properly in front of society and do many things, which may not be of their taste. A teenage student is also interested to fulfill all the expectation but he finds it difficult to complete all the assigned tasks. There is so much of confusion in a teenage mind that he is unable to prioritize the tasks in hand. Their intentions are good but are not able to adhere to the instructions. They find difficulty in taking right decisions for want of maturity and valuable inputs. The main issues faced by the teenagers are:-

  • Less faith in hard work – open to short cuts
  • Lack of concentration due to distractions
  • Disrespecting rules and regulations
  • Postponing work, Lack of time management Skills
  • Unable to handle negative emotions
  • Unable to communicate well
  • Poor Decisions making especially due to peer pressure
  • Rebellious attitude

The main emphasis under this programme would be preparing students in tackling the teenage period positively in terms of discipline and studies. The individual counselling sessions prepares students in resolving their study related issues in terms of concentration, memorizing skills, time management, prioritization of work, attention span and maintaining adequate interest in learning. These issues help students effectively in senior classes.

The sequence of events under this programme would be:-

  • Rapport Building and psychometric tests of the students.
  • Workshop for the students.
  • Individual counselling of the students.
  • Follow up sessions.

Class 10

A decision on a suitable career option for a student of 10th class is not an easy task. The number of career options in the market has increased many folds. The tough competition disheartens the students from taking a particular line. Parents are invariably de-linking themselves from their involvement in career decision making for their children. Leaving such an important decision of life on a student of class 9th is   not logical at all. A student of class 10th is generally not aware of the process of making a correct decision. Even if a student decides on a career path he wants to follow, the lack of information about how does he get there is another hindrance in the process. The best way to put all queries of the student to rest is to develop a career plan for every student. The career planning process needs an understanding of individual student in terms of his aptitude, personality, interest, intelligence level, academic potential, family background and the emerging opportunities in the market. The career plan must be as specific as possible and must be assisted by scientifically designed tools & proficient counseling services.

Tenth Class plays an important role in the life of a student. It gives a student his first academic certificate to be carried throughout his life. Two important decisions are to be taken here are:- 

A wrong decision in this regard can take away lot of time and energy of a whole family. This programme assists students in resolving these issues. The main highlights of the programme are:- 

  • What subject to choose in class XI
  • Individual suitability for a Career

The individual counselling sessions prepares students in understanding and implementing their roles as senior most students in the school. They are also assisted in taking right decisions about their future course of studies.

  • Workshop for the students on ‘Subject selection in Class XI & Life Skills’
  • Psychometric testing
  • Individual counselling
  • Follow-up Counselling Session 

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