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These days a student has to face a lot of problems apart from his studies. This could be peer-to-peer pressures, pressure from society, confused state about future, addictions. We will help you overcome these issues. Your journey with us will involve

  • Career counseling
  • Stress management
  • Parent's counseling
  • Personality Development

How it's done

The proposed counseling exercise will be conducted in three steps-

1. Psychometric Testing: These tests aim to assess the aptitude, intelligence, interest, study skills & personality of the student. The test will be conducted on line.

  • Write Up :  After the  test, the student is suppose to send us a write up about himself indicating his fears/failures, achievements, aspirations and present issues in his mind.

2. Report Card: The result of the psychometric test will be given to students in the form of a report card. The report will  have the following details:-

  • Suitable subjects for 10+1 & Suitable career options after 10+2.
  • Tips to overcome behavior & academic issues.

3. Individual Counseling of the Student: The finding & analysis of the test will be interpreted to the student in this personal counseling session.  The career plan, educational & personal issues of the students will be discussed and recommendation on career path will be made to the students individually. The parents should join this session.

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